Setting up Multi-org Preferences

Multi-Org Preferences allows one to control the list of operating units they have access to. A system administrator may create a security profile that has 10 operating units assigned and assign it to one's responsibility. One can set up Multi-Org preferences to restrict the list of operating units one would access at the user level. The user has complete control over this and can change it at anytime.
Most modules have added the Preferences user interface to their responsibility menus. If one does not see it, one can add that function to a menu. To enable and display Preferences in a menu, add the function: FNDMOPREFS to your menu definition.

The Multi-org Preferences pages shows the user name that the user is logged in as, the responsibility name, and the Security Profile that you are currently assigned to as defined by the MO: Security Profile profile option. The Default Operating Unit region is where one can select a default operating unit. The List of values will display all operating units assigned to the security profile. The next region called Preferred Operating Units is where one would select the subset of operating units one wants to work with.

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